Quick Look: mark. By Avon Pout

Trying out the new mark. by Avon Pout Lip Paint Velvet in Fancy! (https://epasquariello.avonrepresentative.com/)


Avon Magix Face Perfector

Bare Minerals Original Foundation

mark. by Avon Cheek Magnet Powder Blush in Pink Fast

mark. By Avon Touch & Glow Shimmer Cream Cubes All Over Face Palette in Pearly Glow 


Benefit Stay Don’t Stray primer

Avon True Color 8-in-1 palette

Avon Wash-Off Waterproof mascara

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Bringing Back the Blog!

It’s been a while. Since I’ve been on hiatus, my oldest son turned three and I gave birth to my now 10-month-old (that’s a crazy story…)! I’ve also become an Independent Sales Representative for Avon, so I’ll definitely be doing some product reviews and looks using the products so we can get to know Avon together. 

I think I may finally have the time to start posting again. Reviews, looks, maybe a dessert now and then!

What would you like to see? Curious about Avon products? Let me know what you’d looks and I’ll do my best to deliver!

See you soon!



Caught Up in Life

I’ve been gone for a long time…and I can thank many dirty diapers,  nap times, sleepless nights, cupcake orders,  and more!  Truth is, often times by the end if the day I’m ready to just “be” and spend time with the hubby or practice new recipes for a budding obsession.

It’s time now to come back to blogging and back to another love of mine,  beauty! I’m hoping to have weekly posts regarding products and tutorials, which may include more than just makeup.

Looking forward to getting to know you all over again…stay tuned!